Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim…

The delay is too long. This would be the third part of my experiences in the Hijab Event in February. It was written together with others but was separated as I don’t want it to be too long. 

After the sharing session between three panels was done, we had a Q&A session. Below is what follows :-


Question 1 : (A non-Malaysian Muslimah) Coming to Malaysia, why is there a lot of Hijabi with short sleeves.


Sister Wardina actually made a face of shame right about here and she is on the dot!

Answer : Sister Aliza stressed three points. Her points is that it is because of our culture. Growing up even most of the parents does not dictate their kids to cover themselves fully. We should implement the teaching of Islam on the children’s heart since the very beginning and, again, knowledge. Give them knowledge, then understanding and willingness will come.

Answer : Dr Fadila emphasize the important of doing a checklist before we got out of the house. Somewhere in the world, because of the culture it is very easy to fall out of our modesty. A funny example she shared whereby a lady that wears Niqab actually looking for eyeliner that can help her to have an ‘eye to kill’. As it is the only part of her that shown to the public. It’s worth mentioning as well that if we as a Muhajaba shares enough to the people out there why we are wearing this Hijab, it can be enough to change their hearts. Trust me If not today then slowly, tomorrow. Lead by example.


Question 2 : Relate being a Mujahaba and happiness.


Answer : In our head, we are happy when we show our beauty. It is embedded in our minds that way, not sure by whom or what. We should respect ourselves enough to not make others expectations as our guideline in life. Value our actions whether it is coming from our heart or what expected of you.


Question 3 : Tips to not be offended by the one that does not understand.


This question was given by my very special sister, Athierah.

Answer : Do not focus on them. Sister Aliza feels like she is ‘gliding through the streets’ when she experiments with a Niqab. It is very freeing. Dr Fadila stressed that this is a self-esteem issue. Remember the purpose of our actions, Allah. And by God, don’t take it personally.

*** Working in customer service, that is my mantra every single day. Do not take it personally.***

She adds that to change yourself for the better, Allah promised that there will be test. All we can do is try our best.

Surah Al-Balad, 90: 8-10 – Did we not make for him two eyes, and a tongue and two lips, and showed him, the two ways?

“Absolute comfort, without hardship is impossible in the world.” We should use what Allah has given to expand and upgrade our knowledge. Understanding is the key.








Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim…

It’s been a hectic last two days but I survived. Alhamdulillah, I am most grateful to Allah as I can still sit here and write-up my share of the world’s view.

I left the first part of my experience in the Hijab event with the opening points given by Sister Aliza Kim, an amazing Muslimah who revert herself to Islam last year. Let’s move on to the second speaker of the day.


Hijab is a Lifestyle


Our second panelist is Dr Fadila Grine, a professor in University Malaya. I remember one of her opening points being that Hijab should be a symbol of shame and our action. We are the biggest ambassador of Islam as we are wearing it on our head day in, day out. It is so very true where when people see a Hijabi, they will immediately think of Islam. In other words, we cannot do wrong to the Hijab we wear.

With that in mind, how to actually stay modest wearing the symbol of Islam? We cannot honestly walk around the earth thinking that by not doing wrong to the Hijab, we are above all else can’t we? The answer is to believe that it is all for Allah Azza wa Jalla. Remember that Allah does not look for physical appearance, only our actions and the intents behind our actions. A hijab should be our declaration of faith. Think of not the color of our Hijab, but the moral of our Hijab.

I was most touched when she said that the reason there are so many women still ignoring the Hijab is because we, as a Muhajaba, are not effective enough. It is not their fault that they did not care enough or understand enough the importance of this piece of cloth covering our head. It is a trust for us to appreciate and beautify by getting their attention. That’s all we can do as the power of Nur is in Allah’s hand. Be visible and expect-able. Do not exaggerate in wearing it as it is not a fashion statement, it is a way of life and as displayed on part one of my posts, a conduct of the Quran.

Now, come to the part where I actually got my post’s title up there. It pierced my heart; tears welled up in my eye.

This Hijab is not mine. It does not belong to me, it belong to Islam. It is an agreement with Allah. The fact that we are wearing it shows that every single thing we do in a Hijab does not belong to us as it will, again, immediately reflect to Islam and by extension, Allah Himself.

I love the fact that Dr Fadila Grine closed the speech saying that it is not about saying too much and she hoped that all Muhajaba will be full of love and beauty.


Know Your Rights


Sister Wardina, act as our moderator of the day then take the stage. She emphasize that we should say it in our heart every day, in front of the mirror doing our checklist… “Yaa Rabb, this Hijab is for you.”

She passed the very last slot of the session to the only man in the event. 

Here, I regret to say that the name of this amazing ustaz does not capture my note book. But, i remember that he is a judge of a Shariah court. He begins his speech with the fact that as a judge, he is not usually the one giving away speeches as a judge is a man of a few words. I remember the most important part of his view is the fact that as a woman, we should know our right to the things we do or live by.

He tells a story of a lady of sixty years of old, asked to a fasakh in his court due to an abusive husband. She’s been married for more than forty years and only now she walked in front of a judge to be free. When asked why, she says that she did not know her right. My lovely sisters out there, knowledge is power. Upgrade our knowledge as without it, it is in fact ignorance.




My eyebrow perks up when Dr Fadila gets back the mike. She had a point to add. 

Knowledge should be lifelong. There’s a reason why Iqra’ is the first ayat that comes to our beloved Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Muslimah grows when we understand. Find the reason to bring to Jannah and a shield from hellfire.

Read – Allah wants me to be happy!

-The session opens for Q&A-


To be Continued…. Insya Allah~



Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim…


It’s been a while since I had that feeling. That wonderful feeling of understanding for everything. I use to get it once in a while in college, being with my sisters and brothers, listening to the sheikhs speeches about what is important to Allah. In this stage of my life, every act of worshiping Allah was by myself and for myself. I wonder when did I stop sharing. This wonderful event really showed me how much I miss making my acts by everyone and for everyone.

Annual Hijab Event. 

1st of February is noted as World’s Hijab Day and boy being in this event really make me proud to be a Muhajaba. I never knew that there is a difference between Hijabi and Muhajaba. Hijabi is a woman that wears a Hijab. Muhajaba on the other hand, is a women that wanted to wear the hijab. I like to think myself as a Muhajaba.

I tried to take every point I can get. With a phone that battery had died, I couldn’t type as writing hurt my swollen fingers. The first session was a Forum with 3 panels and was moderated by Kak Wardina Safiyyah.


Understand why are you wearing a Hijab. This is the opening spiel by our beloved moderator. She stressed that it is very important for us to know why. She made us promised with five fingers and palms out flat by our ears (ikrar) that we will go home and search which verses of the Quran that Allah asked us to cover ourselves. So here it is :-

Surah An-Nur, 24 : 31 – This verse addresses to Muslim women that we need to maintain our eyes, our shame and not to shows our precious parts except for those who can. Covering our chest is emphasis specially in here and the list of people that are allowed to be shown. The verse closed with the fact that we have to atone and repent as it is for our own sake.

Surah Al-Ahzab, 33 : 59 – These verse addresses to the prophet, that their women and other Muslim man’s women to cover themselves with a Jilbab ( a piece of cloth that covers their head and chest), so that they can be known and not be bother. The verse closed with the fact that Allah is the most merciful and most loving.

One True Church 

The session continue to our panelist. The first panelist is Sister Aliza Kim the revert to Islam recently and shares her journey and understanding that she gained. The one that stuck to me the most is the fact that she realize that she has been a Muslim her whole life but didn’t know it.

My favorite part of her journey is the fact that she was searching for it through books. Because that is what I do in my life as well. Research would always help us understand better, to go to the core of the topic. She also shares that this Hijab is not just a piece of cloth, it is a filter for us to cover our speech and heart apart from our head.

A Muhajaba should also have a checklist before we go out of the house. Check ourselves in front of the mirror if everything is enough. The way Sister Aliza check herself is by knowing what she wears can be worn during her solat. It can act as a reminder that it should only be enough for you when it is enough for Allah.


to be continued… InsyaAllah~

Patience is Virtue


Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim…

Home sweet home.

With 2 days of MC my mother was allowed to go home now. I was told because it’s a governmental hospital so they are not allowed to give more than 2 days of MC at one time for a misdiagnosed broken leg. Anyhow, we’re still happy as she’s more relax now that she’s home.

I learned a couple of things about myself throughout these havoc days.

Number One : I lacked people skills.

A neighbour saw me coming out of the house trying to get to my car, I smiled at her. Apparently, when your mother just got out of the hospital and bed ridden you’re gonna have to tell them.

‘I saw her just now and all she did was smiled at me…’

It turns out, my Aunt went and told her about my mom.

Huh… (?)

Number Two : Mountains of loved ones.

Seriously, at a time like this we see how much we are effected by people around us. People came non-stop when they heard that we’re home.

It’s very overwhelming. In a good way.
(Is there such a thing?)

Number Three : Keep the tea coming.

Hot water + tea beg + sugar.
Enough said.

~ Let’s have a good day tomorrow!

A Loaded Question


‘Did you know?’

Shocked. That’s how I feel when I heard the news. When you think about people in shock, what would comes to mind is how terrible the news is. You can’t control your actions in a state like that. No matter what your hands are doing, your mind will wonder to that one place, one time.

In my case this afternoon. To my mother, unconscious in an ambulans. And to my families, waiting outside a closed door.

I don’t remember much getting ready at home. I remember praying for Maghrib, waiting for Isya’ to come. I remember answering a call from my favourite sister, while gargling water in my mouth. I remember my housemate saying something about sandwhiches she had to make tomorrow. Which is odd, because she wasn’t home. I think it’s a phone call.

Until, my aunt’s text.

‘Alhamdulillah, she’s conscious. Broke her thigh bone.’

I sat down in the middle of the room. Toothbrush in hand. Relieved. Then I continue packing with non-stop tears.

Seeing her right now though, I feel much better.

She just said to me it was so painful when they we’re searching her veins for the IV drip thingy before. It was on her right wrist right now, but there’s still a patch on her left.

I guess it’s run in the family.

Number 1 : To start is Hard.


Bismillah al-ahman al-Rahim

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.

Searching… The lights in this world can easily fool you.

In the hope of filling up this wonderful world with gracious presence, this blog is created. Not just to wonder and ponder the thoughts of my own, but to open up and generate new proposition as well.

Reading has always been an outlet to escape. Why not writing?

And the journey begins!

Wallahu a’lam.